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Who Are You?

During this Keynote Address, Erica uses the title of her book series to engage participants in a talk that will have them reflecting on life and how experiences have shaped Who They Are.  This talk can be geared towards any industry to motivate participants to go beyond their name and explore who they are in relation to their career, life, and success.
Broken Children Left Untouched Become Broken Adults

Research has consistently proven that addressing the social and emotional needs of adolescents reduces questionable actions which lead to aggression, violence, drug abuse, and premature sexual activity.  During this Keynote Address, Erica explores the five competencies of the Social and Emotional Learning Framework to help participants gain a better understanding of why risky behaviors develop when these competencies are ignored and not addressed.
L.E.T. Our Children Be Great

Have you ever wondered what it takes for our young people to get back on track?  Erica has a fun talk that is filled with practical advice on how to help and guide our youth to greatness.  Erica has four key points that she wants to share with you.  Want to know what the four points are?  Let Erica come and guide your participants in an address that is upbeat and entertaining.
NOTE:  All Keynote Addresses can be formatted and conducted in workshops, trainings, or seminars.  
Parent Focused

Why Parental Engagement is a Must

During this workshop, Erica will discuss the importance of parents playing an active role in their child's life especially during adolescent years.  Parents will receive practical tips on how to remain engaged with their preteen/teen even when it seems as if the attention is unwelcome.  It's time to parent with intention.

The Role Parents Play in Shaping a Child's Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered what role you play in your child's social and emotional wellbeing?  We all know we play a part as parents, but how can we help our preteen/teen have a healthy self-image while they navigate through life.  Let Erica help you understand how your parenting style plays an important role in shaping how your adolescent develops socially and emotionally.  

Parental Goal Setting

As parents our desire to strive for better should not stop because we have children.  During this workshop, Erica will not only talk you through setting goals for yourself, but she will show you how to guide your adolescent through the goal setting process and how to make sure they are being responsible in achieving the goals they have set.  This workshop comes with materials need to set and reset goals if needed.

Educator Focused

How to Create a Culture For Success

During this workshop we will go through the importance of creating a culture that promotes students success.  Let us give you some strategies that are practice and can be implemented immediately.  The success of your students is directly related to the environment in which they learn.

You Mean Rules, Procedures, and Routines Are Not the Same Thing?

There is a misconception that rules, procedures, and routines are essentially the same thing.  While they are all related to a well ran classroom, they are very different.  Let us guide you through this working session where you will have your rules, procedures, and routines created by the end of the session.

Building Authentic Relationships and Why That's Important in Creating a Positive Classroom Climate.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Kids don't care what you know until they know you care?"  Well that is true.  Until a child knows an understands that you care about their wellbeing and safety they may or may not cooperate with you. Let us show you the importance of building authentic relationships by giving you some tips and strategies for the students that you serve. Relationships are the key to your success.

What Does a Quad D Lesson Look Like Really?

During this workshop teachers will play the role of the student as a Quad D lesson is modeled for them.  How does it look when students are doing the majority of the thinking and work?  It is possible to have students fully engaged in a high quality lesson and we can show you how.

Don't See the Exact Training You Are Looking For?  Let Us Design a Training to Fit the Needs of Your Organization.